Dakshina foundation is  committed to take this knowledge to the whole world and there by create peace and harmony among people and also help them reach the ultimate goal of life.

The true Purpose of life:

The main activity of the Dakshina foundation is to impart the ultimate knowledge among people and make them experientially
understand the PURPOSE of LIFE,which is the most fundamental knowledge which will lead to their ultimate freedom and by doing so the whole society will be in perfect harmony with the nature.
Individual Goal vs Goal of life:

To unfold the dream of each individual and show them an experiential method of how this can be achieved with tremendous
clarity and precision. On reaching this individual milestone, one will naturally come to know the real PURPOSE/GOAL of LIFE and move towarda freedom.

To create awareness among youth about this ultimate knowledge which can give them a blue print of how this wisdom can help in building a successful career without compromising their DREAM of  life.
To show the society ,how this knowledge and wisdom can help them not only live a disease free LIfe but also come out of all
kinds of ailments

All this can happen to the world by just making each individual experiment our ultimate transformation program called “ULCHEMY”

“Individual transformation is UNIVERSAL transformation”

If we want to transform the world the individual has to be transformed this is our mantra and that’s why we are into this
mission of taking this knowledge to the world